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Meet Charlene

  • Freelance Writer 

  • Certified Copy Editor

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Team Builder

  • Author - Poet


  • Dependability

  • Honesty

  • Loyalty

  • Good judgment

Integrity is more than words for us,

It's an action performed every day.

Charlene Pierce is a marketing strategist with a strong emphasis on finding a brand's voice and sharing it with the world.


Charlene has spent the last 25 years collaborating with marketing directors, business owners of small to medium-sized companies, and C-suite executives of prominent corporations developing content and marketing strategies to build brand awareness across all platforms, resulting in increased sales and more substantial brand equity. 

Charlene's professional writing experience includes thousands of advertisements across all media, including print, television, radio, social media, digital ads, SEM, email marketing, and more.

Charlene has written and edited thousands of SEO-optimized blogs on a broad range of topics as well as assembling, training, and managing teams of writers to fulfill contracts for large amounts of content.

She has also written many proposals, non-profit grants, training materials, and operational procedures to help businesses of all sizes streamline processes and educate their staff.


  • Experienced

  • Educated

  • Up to date

  • Never stops learning

Even with decades of experience and success, staying on top of current trends and developments keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


  • Industry immersion

  • Leader / coach

  • Ownership in our part of fulfilling our customer's goals


This isn't just our work; it's our passion to help others succeed.​

Her passion for helping others succeed has led her to teach marketing and finance workshops for business owners and entrepreneurs.  She has coached business owners and sales professionals toward growth in their respective industries. 

In her free time, she launched the Nebraska Poetry Society, a non-profit to promote Nebraska poets and make the joy of poetry accessible to all. 

"I'm here to help you succeed.  We’ll start by learning your goals, vision, and challenges. Then we’ll develop marketing plans and I’ll write content to give your brand a strong voice in the marketplace. I can help you increase market share, add clarity to internal communications, educate your team, and write grant proposals and sales proposals.  From digital media to print, I am here to help. Together, with my team, and your vision, we can do great things!"


Charlene Piece

President and CEO

Spilling Ink Writing Services


  • Commitment to our customer's success

  • Commitment to accomplishing your goals

  • Commitment to continual education in the industry

Commitment isn't just a word. It's an action. Our commitment to helping our customers succeed is what moves our organization forward.

What Clients Say

In the two years I've had the privilege to review Charlene's work, her prowess as a freelance writer has been consistently evident. Charlene has an innate ability to make any content engaging and to mold her writing style to various client voices. Additionally, her communication is prompt and epitomizes professionalism. It's been a rewarding experience collaborating with such a talented and professional writer.
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Kara Kennedy

Content Manager,

Luxury Presence

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